Biurrun Consulting

A Letter From The President

Carlos Biurrun (id: 2996619)In November 2000, we put our business plan into action with the mission of helping companies in their strategic development and in the training of their personnel.

Since then we have been able to consolidate our business proposal of consultancy and training.

Our clients have put us in charge of strategic planning projects and of enhancing and developing specific assignments; we have worked on training programmes for company directors and their sales staff.

We are pleased and enthusiastic about the growth of our company, that is a result of the support and satisfaction of our clients and of work well done by all involved.

We are entering a new phase with the intention of continued growth, to improve, innovate and to share in our business plan, reaffirming our communal desire and our commitment to help and work with companies to find the best solutions together.

Yours faithfully,

 Firma (id: 3118166)

Carlos Biurrun
Executive President

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