Biurrun Consulting

The Company


Welcome to Biurrun Consulting, a business set up at the end of 2000, dedicated to consultancy and corporate training.

Carlos Biurrun is the founding partner and Executive President.

Biurrun Consulting has a team of professionals at its disposal who have gained extensive experience in posts of maximum reponsability in private companies at an international level, in business advisory capacities and in university lecturing.

There are two factors that make our proposal different from that of our competitors:

  • The solutions that we suggest have been put into practice over many years in our different areas of responsability and we have been able to fine-tune them, correcting our mistakes and thus improving our efficiency and building on our experience.
  • We are able to be very competitive as we have a minimal cost structure, with high quality results. The price-quality ratio therefore is very attractive.

Biurrun Consulting is able to offer an immediate and personalised response to our clients needs.

Our consultants resumes and the agreement with the consultancy Ariade allows us to tap into an accumulation of years of experience and the best methods developed for clients all over the world the last twenty years.

If you want to know more about us, either continue searching our web-site or get in contact with us.