Biurrun Consulting



    We have a valuable tool to realise the diagnosis and the application of activities orientated towards the management of change in company structure.

    360º degree feedback:

    - A survey of at least 50 questions.
    - A management tool that allows the self-evaluation of participants.
    - A simple and practical way to orientate people's actions to the desired managerial style and the development of skills required to apply it.

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    We base our market studies, consistent with our business-orientated vision, in the insurance, banking and service sectors.

    The content of these studies is the following:

    - Delimiting the zone or zones studied.
    - Socio-economic characteristics of the above.
    - Conclusions of the study.
    - Graphic annexes for commercial action.



    Our actuarial studies are valid for:

    - Valuation and financing of pensions
    - Retirement plans
    - Life Insurance
    - Loss adjusters reports of accidents and personal damages.
    - Viability of early retirement plans.
    - Prevision and savings plans.



    We elaborate specific Benchmark reports for action in terms of:

    - Products.
    - Commercial Organisation.
    - Tools to stimulate activity.
    - The commercial productivity of the resources.
    - Systems of payment
    - Systems of control.

    These reports are always structured in relation to the specific activity of our clients, proposing recommendations for improvement.


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    Using our own methods, based on our experience, we help our clients draw up a Strategic Plan for their business, answering questions such as the following:

    - How can I organise my ideas and those of my co-workers for the systematic preparation of a strategic plan?
    - How can I discern the market situation?
    - What are the winning strategies of my competitors?
    - How can I respond to the demands of my clients?
    - What strategies should I follow and why?
    - What are the possible outcomes of different strategies?
    - What resources are needed and why?




    We have a personalised tool at our disposal for clients who want to directly influence their commercial activity , which enables us to answer the following questions:

    - What are the strong points and areas which could be improved in the distribution structure?
    - How can we assess our sales strength?
    - How should we react under market pressure?
             o In view of our competitors?
             o In view of our client's demands?
             o In view of distributors?
    - How can our distribution resources be invigorated?
    - What methods should be applied?
    - How can commercial activities be controlled?